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wildlife photography online

About the photographer :

I was born in Asmara, Eritrea in the horn of Africa in 1969. during my father's anthropological field study. Still a baby I returned with my family to Israel. After completing my military service I returned to Africa and traveled in east, central and southern Africa for a long period. Upon my return I enlisted to photography studies in the Bezalel academy of art in Jerusalem where I studied for four years. During my studies and ever since then I have been working as a safari guide in Africa and also guiding natural history tours in south east Asia and central America. traveling and photographing wild animals in their natural habitat remains my greatest passion.

Most of my happiest memories involve these animals in their wilderness homes. Mountain Gorillas in the virunga volcanic chain in Zaire (present day Congo), chimp watching in Uganda,orang utans in Sumatran rain forests, whales & sea lions in the sea of Cortez, hyena packs fighting lion prides in front of my tent in the serengeti wilderness.

The greater Serengeti Ecosystem in Tanzania & Kenya is the place that captures my imagination the most and it is there that most of the images in this site were photographed.

If you have any questions regarding wildlife photography, the images showed in this site or about travel in Africa in general just Send me an e-mail !

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